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The Barsac Declaration: Environmental Sustainability and the Demitarian Diet

As part of recent workshops related to the impacts of nitrogen in the environment we have been discussing the possibilities for us personally to take action in reducing these impacts.

Food is a recurring theme, and based on this, the Barsac Declaration was drafted in collaboration between the NinE, BEGIN, COST 729, NitroEurope and TFRN networks. Ongoing scientific assessment in the area of food choice is being addressed by the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen, through its Expert Panel on Nitrogen and Food.

Please read the declaration:

Barsac Declaration as pdf attached below (including signatories up to 1 March 2011).

Déclaration de Barsac (in French)

Barsac Declaration as html (Add your signature here if you agree to the Declaration).

Your comments are welcome. If you want any further information about nitrogen related issues, have a look at the sites below
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