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NinE Exchange Grants

The purpose of Exchange Grants offered by NinE is to encourage networking between scientists with a focus on developing an integrated quantification of nitrogen fluxes in Europe. To be considered suitable for funding, applications should match one or more of the Programme's objectives. Depending on the progress in NinE in integrating the science of nitrogen issues, later calls may also include focus on specific gaps in understanding.

Please find more information about the Exchange Grant application procedure here.

The following activities have been granted so far:

Name Instute Subject Visiting Institute
I. Gelfand (Israel) Dept. of Env. Science and Energy Research; Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel Evaluating and scaling of potential NOx fluxes from a semi-arid forest

Dept. of Biogeochemistry, Max-Plank Institute for Chemistry; Prof. Dr. Franz Meixner.

R. Massad (Italy)

Acquiring microelectrode measurement technique for ion concentration measurements in leaf apoplast in vivo

Botanisches Institute, Giessen, Germany; Prof. Hubert Felle

D. Kracher (Germany)

Testing and Evaluation of the agricultural DNDC-MOBILE in cooperation with the SAC in Edinburgh Crop and Soil Systems Group, Edinburgh, UK

M. Cayuela (Spain) Nitrous oxide dynamics in soils amended with animal and plant residues Wageningen University, Netherlands

R. Ferrara (Italy) Ammonia volatilisation from Mediterranean agriculture: development and evaluation of a gradient flux flow injection analyser based on mini-wedds INRA, France

S. Rubol (Italy) Ecohydrology, nutrient cycle in vadose zone. Interaction between nitrogen cycle and hydrogeological dynamics in natural and agricultural area Berkeley, USA